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Wedding Makeup Prep for Blade + Ink Brides

Updated: Jan 13

Thank you so much for choosing me to glam you on the most important day of your life! I’ve been doing this for 20 years and it’s always an honor to be a small part of my bride’s big day and get to witness all the excitement and love that a wedding day brings. Whether you have booked me a year in advance or a month before, I want you to know that I am here to answer any questions you may have. Don’t be shy to reach out! Below you will find essential wedding makeup prep information.

You have booked your glam for the wedding day, what's next? 

Trial Runs- $125


Trial runs are optional and offered out of my downtown Bend studio at your convenience. I recommend doing a trial run about 1-2 months prior to the wedding and earlier in the day (like 11am). I like to keep the makeup trial run within the same season as your wedding so I can track how the makeup wears- our skin changes with each season and doing the trial run within the same season will give us the best and most accurate results. I also like to do an earlier appointment so you get the chance the wear it all day (8 hours) and clock any makeup separation, oiliness and other things that can occur over a long day. If it’s not possible with your schedule, then no worries, we can still do a later appointment in the day and have you keep it on through the evening. 


Skin Prep




Easier said than done, but getting enough sleep, especially the night before your wedding day, is imperative not only for your skin but overall health. Baggy or dark under-eyes can be a result of poor sleep. Melatonin and lavender oil in my diffuser always help my busy mind fall asleep the night before a big day. 




You are probably tired of every beauty and health article telling you to drink enough water, but it really helps your skin stay hydrated, especially in the hotter and drier months of Central Oregon. Drink plenty of water the week of the wedding, and alternate between coffee/mimosas and glasses of water the morning of your wedding. This will also help keep up your energy for your long, fun day.




Do use a gentle sugar or rice enzyme-based exfoliating product to slough off dead skin the day before the wedding. This helps makeup glide on smoothly and blend better with your skin.


Services to Avoid


Please avoid chemical peels, invasive facials and wax hair removal on the face the week of the wedding. Any dermal fillers and neurotoxin injections should be done 2 weeks or prior to the wedding. Even if you are a seasoned pro at injections, you never know when an adverse reaction will occur. 


Services to Receive 

Eyebrow threading is great because it leaves the skin alone and only removes hair. I provide threading services in studio, ask me for an appointment!

Lash extensions are also OK- I will not glue more falsies to lash extensions or apply mascara to them and can work around them. Haley at The Office is a great lash technician.

Spray tanning. It leaves the skin a nice, even color all over- think about all the areas that are typically not exposed to sunlight and will be while you wear your dress. I carry all shades of face and body foundations and will be able to match your face to your body no matter what. My colleague Nicoa offers in-salon and mobile spray tans.

Lymphatic massages from the local Mysa Massage are wonderfully relaxing and help drain excess toxins and fluids, reducing bloat.


Pimple Pops Up


Sometimes a pimple will rear its ugly head on our special day. If you wake up with one on your wedding day, use a hot compress on the area. Once the hot compress has been on long enough to raise the pimple, use clean fingers and a tissue to GENTLY squeeze the pimple. Apply alcohol or tea tree oil to JUST the area the pimple was at. Try to do this prior to my arrival so the area has a chance to dry out and calm down. 


Unwelcome guest in your bridal suite in the morning?


If someone in your getting-ready room is making you uncomfortable please let me know. I am TEAM BRIDE and have lots of experience reading the room and picking up the vibes. I will do my best to separate you from the person and discreetly ask for extra space to keep you in the good vibrations. I'm not afraid to ask people to leave the room if that's what best. I'm here for you and will do what it takes to keep you safe and happy. It's your day and no one has the right to rain down on it, even if it's a close relative.

Still Looking for a Hair Stylist?

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