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What are Nano Brows?

If you follow me on social media, you already know that I recently began offering Nano Brows in studio. I am SO excited to be the ONLY Nano Brows artist in Central Oregon! Let's go over some frequently asked questions I receive:

What are Nano Brows?

Nano Brows is a brand new technique where the artist creates hair strokes in the eyebrows using a rotary tattoo machine and a single needle cartridge to deposit the ink into the top layer of skin (epidermis). This is a two part service with 2 months healing time in between.

What's the difference between Nano Brows and Microblading?

Microblading is a technique where the artist creates hair strokes in the eyebrows using a manual tool and a blade consisting of several tiny needles. This is a two part service with 6-8 weeks of healing time in between.

Is one better than the other?

No. They are both incredible permanent makeup solutions. Each service works best on specific types of skin. Microblading works best on normal to dry skin. Nano Brows is best for oily or sensitive (mature) skin.

How do I know which one to book for myself?

I make it easy for you by offering a free over the phone consultation! I will ask you lots of questions about your skin to assess which service would be best. You will also have the chance to ask me any and all questions you may have. I'm always happy to talk eyebrows and share information. Message me to schedule your consultation.

I have old Microbladed eyebrows- Can I get Nano Brows the next time around?

Absolutely! Most people love the way microblading heals on them, but for those of you who are looking for a little more, Nano Brows is the way to go. I can use a combination of creating hair strokes and blending to create the perfect "Combo Brow" for you. Nano Brows is also ideal for those of you who have gone through chemotherapy or have autoimmune disorders and whose medication does not allow ink to absorb as well.

Does it hurt?

Just like Microblading, I will numb you with topical lidocaine for 20 minutes prior to Nano Brows to keep you comfortable. Most clients will agree to a low level of discomfort at the most, and no one has walked out of my room mid-service due to pain level or otherwise.

Pre Care and After Care?

Both pre care and after care is exactly the same for Microblading and Nano Brows, and both are posted in the FAQ section of my website.

I hope this answers some of your questions, please contact me for more, I'm happy to help!



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